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We teach all (Gifted-Talented, Home-School, Learning Challenged) kids how to optimize their learning experience and succeed in school.

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We tutor to individual learning styles.

Do you learn with your eyes, ears, hands, or your heart? Did you know that it matters?

Your Learning Style is how you perceive and process information. Research shows that teaching to a student’s preferred learning style increases their motivation and successes, while it deepens their knowledge.

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Summer Program: Book/Movie Club

Does your student love watching movies? or are they an avid popular fiction reader? Our newest Summer Program: Book/Movie Clubs brings these two genres together!

Students can read a popular fiction or classic book and watch the corresponding film in tandem. Differences, authors intent, opinions about cinematic choices and more will all be discussed! Check out the options for all ages and sign your student up today!

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Summer Programs: Math Mania!

Math can be FUN! In this Summer Program, students can either work on creating a strong foundation in Multiplication and Division OR in Unknown Variables. Both are key concepts and building blocks for Math mastery. We use games, real-life examples, and lots of interaction to make these concepts more concrete and memorable for students.

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Learn More About Us!

Want to know more about WHO we are? Check out our video and see what makes us truly unique!

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We teach students how to master learning, while we coach them for confidence!


Welcome to the Learning Foundations website! We are excited to share our passion for learning with you. Let us teach you a little bit about your learning style because the effects are amazing. Using your learning style personalizes and deepens the learning experience, which makes studying easier. You will soar with success when you learn with all of your senses – come take a look!

How Do You Learn?

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What makes us unique

  • We are all master-level professionals or master-level, certified teachers.
  • We are dedicated to teaching to your student’s unique style.
  • We specialize in a variety of learning challenges: ADD/ADHD, CAPD, EFD, and dyslexia.
  • We work with Gifted and Talented, high-achievers and home school students.
  • We set measureable goals for students.
  • We teach students about their learning style preferences.
  • We provide monthly progress notes to parents.

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Our programs

Our programs are tailored to meet your needs.

  • For students who struggle with reading and spelling, we offer a multi-sensory version of the F.A.S.T program.
  • Students who are aiming at boarding school or college, we offer our interactive MASTERMINDS test prep course.
  • For students who are struggling with daily assignments, we provide One-to-One educational coaching.
  • Students who struggle with focus, concentration, and organization may be interested in the Interactive Metronome.
  • For students who want to advance over the summer, we offer our game-based Summer Courses.
  • For Parents, Teachers or Home-Schooling Professionals, we offer trainings in multi-sensory teaching techniques, study-skill enhancement, reading enhancement, and more!

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Learning style

We recognize how important it is for students to gain insight into their learning style. As coaches, we give each student the support and the techniques that match their own unique way of learning. Teaching students their learning style fosters confidence, success, and independence in every class. When students learn how to customize their academics to their learning style, homework and tests becomes more manageable and learning becomes “cool”.

What is your learning style?