Solutions for ADHD and Executive Functions in Students


Here is our second community education night for November! We’ll be discussing solutions for ADHD and Executive Functions in students. Don’t know what Executive Functions are, or if your child actually has ADHD, come by and we’ll teach how to spot some tell-tale signs and the best ways to handle them.

Community Education Night on ADHD/EFD and Solutions went really well! We love seeing parents learn more about how to help students. The best part is getting everyone pumped up to dig deeper to help kids.

This evening inspired an AWESOME EVENT FOR TEENS ON ADHD – a movie and popcorn night! Education is KEY for accountability so we are inviting teens to watch ‘ADD and Mastering It!’. This is a FUNNY documentary presented by two ADHD comedians, Patrick McKenna and Rick Green. They know first-hand how important it is to learn ’36 Ways to Manage ADHD’ in order to learn how to be accountable. They will connect with the struggle in each person, while they also show CLEVER and PRACTICAL strategies to use daily. This is a FUN and ENGAGING video that demonstrates how important routine, consistency, and a sense of humor are when implementing life-long skills that compensate for ADHD. Stay posted for dates and times.
SOMETHING FOR MOMS and DADS: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. You are an INTEGRAL part of your student’s team and we are here to support you too. Our next two topics for parents with ADHD kids are on nutrition and
college readiness. We know how busy you are but we also know HOW CRITICAL EDUCATION is so We would like to hear from you: Would you like these programs provided at the same time as TEEN MOVIE night? Which day and time do you prefer to participate in our educational venues? Talk to us!

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