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It’s Game Day Friday!

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checkmarksOkay, so I know my blog’s role is to present you with awesome games every Friday, which I do faithfully. But today I’m going to stretch the definition of the word “game” just a tad. Here’s why: I know you are amazing achievers, go-getters, extremely motivated people. Right? Therefore, I’m sure you’ve set some great New Year’s Resolutions, or if not actual resolutions, I’m sure you’ve set some new goals for 2015. If you haven’t yet, read Addi’s blog from this week, Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind. She’ll get you going on goal-setting. If you have already set goals, you need support in reaching those goals. So here’s my “game” for the week. It’s an app on the Kindle/iPad called Goal Tracker-Habit Calendar. It’s superb!

This app helps you keep track of your goals and your steps toward reaching those goals. You just type in your goal/steps and how often you aim to complete those steps. (ex. I will read at least one interesting research article per week.) Then you select when you’d like it to remind you of your goal (every Friday or every M, W, F). It will notify you as you selected. Then you input when you met that goal (read an article, for example) and it marks your accomplishment on a calendar. This is my favorite part–looking at the calendar with all sorts of big blue check-marks on days that I took steps toward my goal! Those check-marks are certainly motivating!

You can input as many goals as you’d like and even arrange your goals in order of priority.

Truly, we all need spurred on toward staying on track. This app is FREE and very helpful. So download it today and start working toward those goals!



  1. Tori O'Brien
    Tori O'Brien01-12-2015

    I told my running group and husband’s youth group about this! I hope it might help them with some of their new year’s goals. I know i tend to be a visual person when reaching goals, so I need to come up with something to track as well – maybe drinking enough water everyday…Thanks for the suggestion!

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