Friday – Word Games


Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

 By: Pam Iken

Game Day Friday has finally arrived! Today I’d like to introduce you to two word games. Playing them regularly is sure to keep your mind sharp! An article by Adam Singer on The Future Buzz website states the importance of keeping your mind in top shape. Singer lists the benefits of a sharp mind:

When your mind is in top shape, you will:
• Have greater motivation and focus
• Get more done
• Come up with more creative ideas
• Find inspiration more often
• Remember more
• Experience a better life

(Check out the article here:

Who doesn’t want those things? I do! Well, there are tons of word games out there that can help keep your mind in top shape; below are two of my personal favorites that can be found on your PC or hand-held device. Since we’ve been talking about goal-setting this month, make it your goal to complete a level or two of these games each day.

Game #1: Whirly Word
This game is available on Kindle Fire, Android devices, PC, and iPad/iPhone. It’s simple: you are given 6 scrabble tilesletters with which to make as many words as you can. When you get stuck, just spin the letters around to give you a different perspective. Whirly Word has two levels, a built in dictionary (so you can look up the odd words that you find) and even relaxing background music. The game supports your spelling, vocabulary, and word-building skills. You may find yourself addicted to this little game! (Click here to see what it looks like).

Game #2: Dabble
I LOVE this game! It’s available on Kindle Fire, NOOK, Google Play, iPad/iPhone, the browser of your favorite computer, and now even as a board game! Like Whirly Word, this game’s goal is to form words with the given letters, but it has a time component to it–you have to create words on different levels of a pyramid (1 two-letter word, 1 three-letter word, 1 four-letter word, 1 five-letter word, and 1 six-letter word), a total of 5 words in 5 minutes. You just drag letters where you want them. It has perky background music and the ability to play against your Facebook friends.

So take a little break from your daily routine and clear a few levels of these games each day. They aren’t very time-consuming, and you’ll be confident you are keeping your mind in tip-top shape!

Happy Friday!

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