Keep It Organized – Christmas Morning Survival Kit


Christmas Morning Survival Kit

ITS HERE!!! The morning we have all been waiting for. You’ve delicately prepared the bows under the tree, the cookies and milk are gone; it’s time to rest during the calm before the storm.

…and just as the sun begins to peak over the mountains – THE KIDS ARE UP. Let the magical Christmas chaos proceed!!

As kids, we remember that exhilarating feel of Christmas morning, Santa came?! Presents?!    CHOCOLATE before 8am?! It’s even better as a parent watching the magic play out on your little ones faces. To keep those precious moments uninterrupted – add just a few more minutes of prep to your Christmas Eve to-do list. Grab a basket and toss these things and anything else you might need Christmas morning so you don’t have to pause to go find a trash bag.

  • Trash bags (To TRY and keep it clean)christmas-presents
  • Screwdrivers (various sizes)
  • Batteries (Various sizes)
  • Scissors or box cutter (For those parent proof boxes)
  • Coffee, Tea, Red Bull or whatever your caffeinated drink of choice may be. (For the Santa who stayed up way to late)
  • Tylenol (In case Santa was drinking wine while wrapping)
  • Christmas CD, IPod, sound brick or however you plan on adding those Christmas tunes.
  • Extra memory cards for cameras never hurt
  • A laundry basket for each family member (To collect their loot and take it directly to their rooms in one easy trip – so YOU don’t trip over it later)

WAIT!!! What about Breakfast?

Well you made it the night before – didn’t you? ☺

Check out these MOUTH WATERING breakfast recipes that require little to NO morning prep!!

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