Monday Madness – Fake It Till You Make It


    Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind

by Addi Iken

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Hola amigos! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind! I hope all you fabulous people had an amazing New Year’s! Last week, I talked about goals and setting resolutions for the new year. This week, I am going back to school. 🙁 Now, I don’t really want to go to school very much but OH WELL! If you are going back to work and school, know that you can do it! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, be confident and get through it! Plus, work and school are essential things in life that you just HAVE to suck it up and do. You really don’t have another choice. I think this calls for a tip! ADDI’S LIFE TIP #7 (read my previous blogs for tips 1-6) FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. Okay, this is very cliche, but it is a good moral in life. Instead of having a bad attitude and dragging yourself into your job or school, pretend like you are happy about it and then you might actually start to feel okay about school/work. BUT…

That’s nfile cabinetsot actually what I am going to write about today. I am going to write about ORGANIZING. If you are super pumped about the idea of organizing, be sure to read Haley’s Blog each week on Thursdays. Haley is an awesome lady and puts some awesome stuff in her blog! Okay, back on track. If you are like me and are starting a new semester at school, you need to get things organized, otherwise things from last semester are going to get mixed up with the new things that you are going to get when you go back to school. What I would suggest: take some time to clean up your folders, binders, backpack, whatever you use to keep track of your stuff. Now, you might need some of those papers again, especially if you are continuing with the same class, so I would recommend putting those papers from your binder into a new folder which you can keep at home. Then, make sure to label that folder with the class name and date (Language Arts, semester 1 2014). That way, if you ever need to refer to those papers again, you will have them in a folder at home but you won’t have to carry them with you every day at school. Also, if you are sure you will not need those papers again, RECYCLE them. That way you will feel squeaky clean by the time you go back to school and you will be ready for the new assignments starting in the new semester.

You may think that this does not at all apply to you so KEEP READING! Even if you are not in school or are not starting a newGive to charity graphic semester, organizing applies to you too! My family and I love to play a game called GTO (give to others). In this game, we all go through our room and find things that we don’t like or don’t play with and put it in a separate grocery bag to take to a charity or sell at a garage sale. You can do the same! Go through your closet and any clothes that you don’t wear or that don’t fit you anymore, give them away! No sense keeping something that you don’t use anymore. Plus, then your closet will be way less cluttered and will look way better than before!

If you are telling me right now that you do not want to organize or you are not an “organizing type” then you are wrong. Sorry, but organizing is a part of life. If you want to have a life that makes sense and a life that you are able to actually find things, you have to do some organizing. Whether it’s organizing your school  binder, work briefcase, or your closet, all will help. And, organizing makes me feel good too! 🙂

Have an awesome week, wonderful peeps!

-Addi Iken


  1. Grandma

    Addi, you are awesome! You sure tell it like it is!

  2. Jennifer Price
    Jennifer Price01-13-2015

    You are totally right Addi, “Fake it till you make it” and “organization is part of life” are two things I say a million times in my house. I’m glad to hear from a teenager that these messages actually sink in. Yeah!! Because it is so true. I see and feel that a lot of anxiety comes from being unorganized and messy. If you’re feeling blue or down, organize something. It will make you feel better.

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