Monday Madness – Going the Extra Mile


 Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind:
Going the Extra Mile
by Addi Iken

Hi ya’ll! Welcome back to Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind! How are all of you wonderful people? I hope you all had a great start to the new year! Last week, I talked about faking it until you make it. How did that go? Did you all have a positive week back at work/school? My week was better than I thought it would be, which is good. It is always good to get back in the hang of things, if you know what I mean. This week, I am going to talk about GOING THE EXTRA MILE!!! (Haha, the picture has a point. Not many people overachieve, so be the one to do it!)

Addi, are you kidding me? I can’t even run one mile let alone many miles. You may also be thinking to yourself, I hate running, why would I do more? Hold the phone! I am not necessarily talking about running a mile (although this is literal for me because I am a runner, and it could be legit for you too if you are a runner); I’m actually talking about working harder and pushing yourself. I am going to give you some examples, and you are going to tell me if it is going the extra mile or doing the minimum possible.

  1. You refuse an optional extra credit quiz.Extra Mile Quote
  2. You decide to settle for a B instead of an A.
  3. You decide to go above and beyond and add an extra paragraph to your paper.
  4. You decide to throw clothes in your closet instead of hanging them up neatly.
  5. You decide to stay at work for an extra 10 minutes to finish a project.
    Even though you are tired, you decide to run the last lap as hard as you can.
  6. If you answered numbers 1,2,and 4 as minimum possible and 3, 5, and 6 as going the extra mile, you are correct! I am not saying to overwork yourself or never let something go, but work hard friends. Don’t be lazy and don’t slack off.

If you are like me and you are a perfectionist, you need to know the opposite. It’s okay to not ALWAYS go the extra mile. Don’t take this wrong. Still work hard and do extra sometimes, but don’t be OCD about a project or study the whole night. Instead, call it good if you have given it your best effort.

Addi’s tip #8: The bottom line is…Find a happy medium. (Visit my previous blogs for Addi’s tips #1-7.) Go the extra mile sometimes and push yourselves! Other times, do only what you need to do, but do it well. Work hard, I know all of you can do it!

Have an awesome week and take some time to GO THE EXTRA MILE!!!!awesome week quote grapic


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