Thursday – Common Core Standards


Common Core Reading for Kindergartners

By: Haley Kuster

Hey Everyone,

I know this is a total deviation from what I normally write about, but I was really taken aback with this article and wanted to share and discuss it with you all. Take a look HERE.


Now, that you have read it. Here are my questions:

1. Did your student feel pressured in kindergarten to read/write?

2. How much pressure did that put on you, the parent?

3. At what age did your child begin to read?

4. Do you feel time spent in pre-school impacted reading skills in kindergarten?

5. Thoughts on Common Core in general – too much pressure? Just a tool for teachers? Motivation for teachers?


Also, I HAVE been keeping up with my cleaning challenge. Have you?? What did you clean this weekend? Each week a room in my home looks spectacular…. for a about a day or two. I need to find a blog on how to keep kids out of my clean rooms. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then check out my blog on it HERE.

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