Thursday – Organizing 2015


Organizing 2015

By: Haley Kuster

I know January is supposed to be the month for fresh starts and “new you’s”, but I always find myself kind of sad. (As does most of the rest of the world; one study proved the third Monday of the New Year to be the “saddest day of the year”- downer, right?) The frigid cold weather is still here, but WHERE did all the twinkly lights and holiday cheer go? No more presents, unlimited amounts of cookies or the excuse to drink champagne before noon… Bahhumbug!

While I was looking for my blog writing mojo this week, I stumbled upon my new favorite website –! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall of this blog writing mama’s home, (part of me hopes she’s one of those ‘those who can’t do, teach’ kinda bloggers and her house is an actual pig sty J). She has some incredible tips, printable cleaning/organizing lists, and even a 14-week New Year cleaning CHALLENGE that I will be participating in! This is such a great idea, not only does cleaning suppliessigning up for the challenge break down all of your cleaning into week by week small jobs and give you access to her lists and tips, but you’ll be done cleaning BEFORE spring! Forget spring cleaning, get out in the sunshine, plant flowers, fly kites – don’t inhale mothballs. I love the idea of gutting your home while all those bulky Christmas decorations are gone. You have all the space to really wipe, vacuum and ORGANIZE all the areas you haven’t been able to get to since Thanksgiving.

The New Year Cleaning Challenge starts THIS SUNDAY, January 11th! I would love an accountability partner – anyone game??? Comment below!


CLICK HERE to go to the Clean Challenge Website and check out the printable lists and to-do lists.












  1. Pamela Iken
    Pamela Iken01-12-2015

    Haley, I signed up for this Cleaning Challenge! I’ll admit, I’m intimidated just by the into paragraph! We’ll see if I can keep this up for 14 weeks!

    • Tori O'Brien
      Tori O'Brien01-12-2015

      Yay! Pam! Thanks for joining the challenge. It does seem a bit daunting, but I found the suggestions for each area very helpful in thinking of how I could tackle each area. I always think it will take longer than it actually does, so hopefully that is the case this time too! Check back in and let us know how it goes through the weeks! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Price
    Jennifer Price01-13-2015

    I’m in too. This is something that I already started because we had to make room for new toys and clothes from christmas – so this might be one area where I am on target for this challenge. I love the idea – lots to clean. We are redoing our kitchen so that is going to be a huge cleaning challenge (I wonder what sticky, gross things I will find).

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