Tuesday – Healthy Soup in Minutes


Healthy Soup 

By: Tori O’Brien

Just a little deviation from last week, but I discovered this really easy, delicious and fast hearty soup recipe this week and had to share. Soup is an excellent and easy dinner during these cold months. It fills you up and is hydrating as well as being chock full of healthy nutrients.

soup-bowlSo, this one is for a minestrone vegetable soup. The best way to make the broth is by buying bullion or consommé at the store (keep leftovers in your cabinet or fridge for more soup or flavoring other dishes without using oil and butter – SCORE!). Follow package directions for how much broth you want to make. The whole process is pretty simple. I was exhausted from a long day hit up Walmart, quickly bought all the ingredients I needed. Headed home sat to gain energy for about 20 minutes and then just put everything together and let it go till the hubby got home. We have so many leftovers that I’m good for lunch and dinner for the next few days! Below is the shopping list and the directions.


Shopping list:

1. Broth (vegetable or your choice) either bullion, consommé, or previous package/canned version. [Non-package gives a deeper flavoring and allows you to adjust the strength of the broth flavoring, so is more ideal, but go with what you got – I only had canned chicken broth, so used 2 16oz. cans and then added 4 16oz. cans of water for more broth. Probably should have done 3 cans of broth to 4 of water – but choose as you want].

2. Two 16 oz. cans of beans (I used cannelli, but chose what you like)veggie soup

3. One 16 oz. can of corn

4. Two 16 oz. cans of green beans

5. 1 package of carrots (or you can have longer carrots and chop them up)

6. 1 bunch of spinach or Kale or a dark leafy green

7. 1 box of whole wheat pasta (I chose Rotinis)

You can add any other vegetables you want and even chicken or shrimp of you want – it’s up to you! Have fun!

Put broth in large pot and then rinse canned corn and green beans. Once, the broth starts to heat for a little bit add those in. Rinse beans and other fresh vegetables. Chop and add in carrots (or put in a bag of baby carrots). Add beans and pasta. Let the water come to a boil and then turn down to simmer. Let simmer for 15 minutes then add in dark leafy green and let it go for about 30 more mins – could be less just test the doneness of the carrots and pasta. Simmering for longer can make the flavors meld a bit more. You can add in fresh salt and pepper if it needs it or some herbs too for more flavoring.

I let mine simmer for about 50 mins from start to end. While it was going, I made some cornbread and threw that in the oven (20 minutes later – voila! Warm cornbread and a hearty, healthy soup!) It also makes TONS of leftovers for lunch the next day or two. Enjoy!

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