Tuesday – Sugar and the Brain


Sugar and the Brain

By: Tori O’Brien

Well, I was tempted to give you another crockpot recipe this week, but I think that as we move forward with learning and discussing food in accordance with how it affects your body this Ted Education Clip on SUGAR AND HOW IT AFFECTS THE BRAIN is more appropriate.

Check out TedEd Talk on this topic.


It’s scary to think how much sugar can affect us and how different it is from other types of food. So, what do you do if you or your family is sugar addicted? Well, here are some tips to help wean you off the sugar high.

1. Start eating more healthy cereals that do not have high sugar content. You can mix the cereals to begin with slowly removing the sugary cereal little by little.

2. Replace the type of yogurt you eat and if the new is too tart then a tiny bit of honey will help you start to make the transition. You can also put in some strawberries or fresh banana with is sweet to help with that move to less sugar.

3. Replace cookies and cake with fresh fruit. Bananas, berries, melon, pineapples, mango tend to be more sugar craving satisfying for some reason, so try those to start with. Now, I mean FRESH fruit not plastic container or canned. Canned in natural juice that is drained is okay as a last resort.

4. Change up your sauces – make sure to check the sugar content on the back of the jars and choose one with less sugar.

5. Begin the process by replacing one thing in a meal or you can have a good meal and finish it up with a piece of chocolate or a small cookie. Some people may find they want to eat the SMALL sweet thing first and then eat their meal because they won’t crave more sweets if ending with savory rather than sweets. Try each style and figure out what works for you.

6. NO FAST FOOD! NO PACKAGED DESSERTS or SNACKS aka little donuts, rice krispie treats, plastic wrapped cinnabons, you know the things you find at gas stations on the racks in plastic wrappings – skip them!

Remember those commercials in the 90s: “This is your brain on drugs?” Well, this can be your brain on sugar:

Crazy how the same receptors light up in the brain for sugar as for cocaine! A new incentive why NOT to let your kids go crazy with sugar or sugary drinks. Try some of the above strategies and don’t let this be you or your kids. Tell us what you tried and how it worked for you. At first expect a foggy brain, or slump in energy, but stick with it for a week at least and that will go away. Happy Detox!

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