Monday: Step Out


 Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone

By: Addi Iken

Hey to all my fantastic readers! How was your week? Were you able to EAT A BANANA?? Well, if you did, awesome! If you didn’t, that’s okay too, but try to eat a few this week. (If you did not read that blog about eating bananas, don’t worry for one second! You can go still go back and read my blog from last week as well as my blogs from previous weeks. They are all worth your time to read!) Anyway, moving on… This week, I am going to talk to you more about GOALS! Now you are probably thinking, really Addi? You just talked about goals a couple of weeks ago. I don’t need to hear anymore information about goals. Well, you just wait! I am going to give you something else to think about when setting and achieving goals… Sometimes, in order to achieve your goal, you have to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

“Addi, I don’t have time to step out of my comfort zone.”alarmed frog clipart

“Addi, I can’t step out of my comfort zone. Others are depending me.”

“Addi, I like being comfortable.”

Quit your complaining already! Sometimes, in order to achieve your goal or do something worthwhile, you may have to put yourself in an awkward situation. You may not feel comfortable. In fact, sometimes you have to feel some pain. Let me give you some examples from my personal life…

Ex. 1: You probably already know this from my past blogs, but I am a runner. In order for me to become a more successful and better runner, I have to work at it. Sometimes, that work can be out of my comfort zone. It may involve going to a meet that is really nerve-wracking, or it may mean running so hard that it hurts. I have had to do both of these things, and I have experienced pain as I have trained and competed. However, I have gotten a lot better as a runner through stepping out of my comfort zone.

Ex. 2: I am a Christian, and I go to church. One of my goals in life is to share Jesus with others through a possible mission trip. I want the trip to further show me how fortunate I am in comparison with others. I also want to help others more. So, I applied for a mission trip to Ecuador this spring break and was accepted. This is exciting, but also really scary. It is way out of my comfort zone! I have to go out of the U.S., to a place that I have never been to, without my family, and share Jesus with others whom I don’t even know. That is a huge risk and it is not teddy bear comfortable, but will it grow me and help me reach my goal? Of course it will!

life begins quote graphicI don’t know what your goals or desires are in life, but in order to follow your dreams and reach your goals, you have to… ( A perfect time for a life tip!) Addi’s Life Tip #10 (read my previous blogs for tips 1-9) SUCK IT UP AND TAKE SOME RISKS!!! 

Remember positive self talk as well! You can do something uncomfortable and take some risks in order for you to grow as a person and achieve your goals and desires. How will you STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE this week???


  1. Grandma

    My motto for this week courtesy of Addi:
    Suck it up and take some risks”!

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