Wednesday: ADHD Homework Help Solution


ADHD Homework Help Solution

By: Jennifer Price

Don’t want an ADHD tutor, but need to get your homework done?  Try this simple and smart solution.

For many people, our memory of what tasks we need to complete can slip our mind when we leave one environment and enter another. For instance, a student can have homework at school, but then forgets to do it when they get home.  This can be frustrating for both student and parent because it really can be a memory issue, but can look like laziness. For working memory issues, a simple solution is to get the work done while you are still in the environment (school) to get your homework done.  It’s simple, but you need to ask for a quiet place to get focused in order to complete the homework.  Here’s a success story.

I met a 7th grader with ADHD who struggles to focus and always forgets what work he needs to do – he doesn’t even kids studyingopen his planner at home because he completely forgets to since his mind shift changes to “things to do at home”.   This student wanted to try on his own first and he did not want a tutor until he tried a few things first, which I really respect.  Again, his issue was “forgetting” about the work so his mom suggested that he find someone at school who could stay with him in the building to monitor him (but not necessarily help him because he is smart enough to do the work, he just lacks initiative and memory).  So he found someone in the front office who is willing to be in the building, while he does his homework and he is finding success with this easy approach.

With this simple action this 7th grader is having lots of success because he remembers what to do and, since there are no distractions (like other kids or noises), he is able to focus well.   He gets to socialize a bit after school with some friends (for a short while), but then goes to the front office to check in with an adult and then he heads to his “study location”.

  1. He stays in the same environment
  2. He is able to remember his work because he hasn’t broken his thought process yet
  3. He can take a walking break when he needs to
  4. BONUS:  he can easily ask a teacher for minor help when he needs it (if they are still there)
  5. He is independent because his mom picks him up later and he knows he cannot have video games if he still has homework when she picks him up (motivation).


TRY IT – see if it works.  It is simple, but smart!

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