Monday: Be Bold and Be You!


  Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind

Be Bold and Be You!

By: Addi Iken

Hi again everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic week. Did you remember to be a listener and/or be patient? If not, that’s okay, because you can this week!  Also, in today’s blog I am going to give you a couple more life pointers that I learned in Ecuador. In case you have not read any previous Monday blogs, I will fill you in: Over Spring Break, I went to Ecuador on a mission trip and talked to kids in schools there about Jesus. Last week I shared with you two things I learned on my trip (you can still read that blog Here). Well, here are two MORE things I learned–the importance of being a team player and not being afraid to share who you are and what you believe.

The importance of being a team player: Before my mission trip, I knew it was important to be selfless and think of others as more important than me, but I still sometimes complained and wanted my way. For example, I try to be selfless in deciding what our family will eat, but food decisions end up revolving more around me because I say, “Well, I’m good with anything but fast food and mexican food so I think that we should go to Noodles, but it’s fine if I do not pick…but I will not eat anything else.” Does that sound like being a team player? No way! On my trip, there were at least 17 people togetbe Brave quoteher at once. I pretty much had no choice over anything. Places to go and dine were not up to me, so I had to learn to go with the flow and do what was best for everyone on the team. Even when I was tired of chicken everyday (being mostly a vegetarian), I had to go with it, suck it up, and eat what I could. Addi’s Life Tip #17 (read my other blogs for tips 1-16): Be a team player and consider others better than yourselves. Go with the flow!

Do not be afraid to share who you are and what you believe: On my trip, we told kids in Ecuadorian schools about Jesus. Those kids did not know who we were; they just knew we were some “white” kids from the US. It was a bit nerve wracking because we had to share our personal testimonies and talk about our lives. We also straight up shared the gospel of Jesus during their break time. Instead of being afraid of their judgement or scared of what they would think of us, we asked God for help and did our best to be brave and share who we were and what we believed. And you know what? It was OKAY! Several kids put their trust in Christ, and it was a good experience for me to understand that I can be brave and put myself out there, unsure of the results. Addi’s Life Tip #18: Be bold and do not be afraid to let your true self shine! You are beautiful as you are and who cares what others think anyway?!Confidence quote

Now, my friends, you may be thinking, Why the heck do I need these tips? I am not planning on going on a mission trip anytime soon? Well, this applies to everyday life. You do not need to go out of the country to be a team player, be selfless, and share who you are and what you believe. Go right ahead and put these things into play with your families, friends, neighbors, and (don’t mind my cheesiness) you can brighten others days by doing so!

Have an awesome week and seriously, BE BOLD and BE YOU!


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