Friday: Create your Kingdom!


Create Your Own Backyard Kingdom!

By Joe


The weather is getting nice, which means it’s time for an outdoor imagination game! This time let’s concentrate on imagination and logic. Let’s create a backyard kingdom!

Step 1: What’s the environment?kingdom bridge

            Have your child choose what type of environment their kingdom is in. Is it jungle, arctic, temperate, temperate rainforest? Is it a mystical environment with rivers of chocolate? Have them tell you all about it.

Step 2: What’s the economy?

            Does their kingdom farm? Does it mine? Is it on the ocean and makes a living from trading with other kingdoms? Does it breed the best unicorn soldiers (I ask because I’m looking for better unicorns; mine just hang out and play Candy Crush).

Step 3: What’s the government?

lego kingdom            Is your child the emperor? King? How about duly elected president or despot who seized the throne? Do his /her subjects have rights or are they serfs serving the feudal crown. Discuss this with your child, maybe even have a brief talk about government types and how that would make their subjects feel. Or don’t and just let them run with it.

Step 4: Does their kingdom have enemies and/or allies?

            Who is their kingdom in conflict with and who are their friends? Why? Do they negotiate or declare war? Does his/her kingdom have special defenses? A brief discussion here might be in order as well, but again, maybe let them just run with it and see where their glorious brains go.

Step 5: Kingdom built, let’s play!

            Ask your child what’s happening in their kingdom that day. Are they mining, building, on parade, going to war, entertaining diplomats—whatever it is, act it out with them! Use your imagination as much as he/she does and I guarantee a good time will be had for all! (I have just been informed by my legal department that I cannot “guarantee” good times, at best I can say that aforementioned good times are highly probable. My legal department isn’t very much fun—they’re Minotaurs after all—but they are very effective if not sometimes bull-ies.) backyard kingdom

What, I can’t make a pun every once in a while?

Anyway… just remember, let your child lead and you follow and watch their imaginations soar while encouraging logical thought at the same time!

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