Friday Games: Make Your Own Board Game!


Make your Own Board Game

By Joe

board game 1

Have you ever opened the old game closet and sighed disconsolingly? Have none of the games looked fun because you’ve played them a million times? What if you made up your own? Better yet, what if the whole family got involved? Fun to make and fun to play, right?!! Here are some steps for making your very own board game.


            Like most things, let’s start by brainstorming. Let everyone in the family give their ideas on the following:

  • Is it card or dice based?board game 2
  • What’s the theme (Western, medieval, contemporary, mythological, jungle, your own home town, etc.)
  • Is it a personal version of a popular game or one of your own creation?
  • Is it space based (Monopoly, Life) or region based (Risk)?
  • Is it something new and unique? (This may take a while to create.)
  • What are the rules/ how do you win?

There are, of course, other things that can be brainstormed, but I think you get the point. For ease, let’s say you chose a dice based, space based, personal version of Life, but added some trivia cards in for the Life Tiles, i.e. you answer the question, and you get the reward. Now the family creates the cards with each member creating the same amount.

Tricky hint: the adults make some learning based trivia, like identify the noun and verb or solve this equation. Also, have each member of the family choose two occupations and make vocation cards for them (this will also, perhaps, shed some light on what your kids want to do or are interested in).

Now, that the cards and occupations are chosen, let’s design the board!

Designing the Board:

           board game 3 Is it a straight path or does it meander? Is there one path or a bunch of different paths that split off? While creating your board, remember to take into account how long you want games to go (creating a billboard sized board of over a thousand spaces might take the family’s actual life to complete). Once you have the general board completed, fill in the spaces. How often will a trivia card come up? Are there any warping spaces? Have the family decide! Lastly, create the board with each member illustrating and perhaps even deciding what goes in each space for a particular section. Now, have each member make or choose a game piece from another game and it’s time to play!

Here are some other ideas:

  • A personal version of Clue, and instead of a murder, you decided to solve who left the mess in the house where all the characters are members of the family!
  • A household Risk where each room is a different “country”.
  • A personal Trivial Pursuit where all the questions are about family members.

That’s only a few and I’m sure you can come up with more! Enter your idea in the comments section below and have fun!

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