Thursday: LF’s Summer Programs


Shameless Plug for LF’s Summer Programs


Let’s Think of What the Kids are Going to do this Summer

By Joe


bored girlThe time is nearly upon us! Soon hordes of school children will roam free like zombies in the Walking Dead. They’ll be bored, full of energy, and bugging you every second of every day for something to do.

*Cue screams!*

But hey, why not give them something fun and *gasp* educational to do this summer? We here at Learning Foundations have a ton of camps to serve just such an emergency! We have Math camps, Writing camps (with animals, food, or some weirdo who won’t stop talking about his unicorn army), book and movie camps, ACT/SAT prep camps—you name it, we got it.smmr prog blue sun

So, click here to check them out!

(Remember, it won’t take long for your kids to figure out that shaving the dog is a good way to stop boredom. Just saying.)


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