Monday: Displaying your Goals


Displaying Your Goals

By: Addi Iken

goal stickie cropWelcome back to this week’s edition of Monday Madness from a Teen’s Mind! I hope you all thought of others as more than yourselves and were not afraid to be who you are! (If you didn’t read my blog last week about those things, feel free to HERE!) Today, we are going to jump into GOALS! Okay, you may be thinking, “Come on, Addi. You already wrote about setting goals.” You are absolutely right! Only, this week I am going to talk about remembering your goals to make them even more achievable.

In my last blog on goals, I talked about how goals need to be manageable, specific, not too far out of reach, but hard enough to make you work for it, etc. One of the best ways to reach your goals is by reminding yourself everyday of your goal. For example, if any of you do not know, I am a big distance runner. One of the things our distance coach made us do was iphone passcodeset goals for ourselves. Those goals could be lower times you want to get, places you want to get, or even the goal of making it to state. However, coach did not let us stop after just setting our goals. He wanted us to come up with a creative way of displaying our goals. Some people wrote their goals on sticky notes and posted them all over their house (on their mirrors, doors, light switches, you name it)! Other people wrote a note on their hand reminding them of their goal. Now, I have an iPhone, so what I did was set my goal time as my passcode. I want to get to a 5:25 mile so my iPhone passcode is 0525. (But now, I’ll change my passcode since I just told all of you readers!) Your passcode on your phone or handheld device or password on your computer could be the GPA you want to attain, or the number of pounds you want to benchpress, or the date you plan to apologize to someone in order to make that relationship right again. My point is, whatever your goal may be, display it somewhere that you look everyday so you can see that goal and be reminded to work hard everyday in order to get there. Repetitiveness is important when remembering something, so the more you look at your goal, the better!

Well folks, I think that may be all for today. This week, do not forget to set goals and if you already have a goal,  Goals are important things in life that drive us to work hard and do our best. Now get out there and DO IT!!! And, like I always say, have an awesome week!

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