Thursday: ACT Test Day Checklist


Checklist for ACT Test Day

By Joe

            ACT test day is nearly upon us!

*Pauses for student groans of ultimate sadness.*

Like it or not, it is the truth. Most students are taking the exam on 4/18, so we have a little over a week before the college entrance version of Game of Thrones. We have been hard at work here at LF with prep classes, but all of that can be for naught if the student forgets his/her calculator or sleeps through the test. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure test day doesn’t turn into a Red Wedding.

(Can you tell I’m excited that the new season of Game of Thrones starts Sunday?)

Anyway, here it is. Have your student follow this checklist and you can at least save them some anxiety.SAT positit

  • Upload picture to ACT.
  • Printed copy of admission ticket.
  • Acceptable photo ID.
  • Sharpened No. 2 Pencils and good erasers (no mechanical pencils or pens will be allowed.)
  • An acceptable calculator.
  • Directions to testing center and instructions on how to find the entrance.
  • I must check in by ­­___ AM, therefore I must leave by ____ AM. This includes adding time for possible delays.
  • I have set my alarm.

For any more specific questions, click here. As always, good luck and know that we at Learning Foundations believe in you! Now, go aim for that#36

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