What Student’s Say About Us!!


I like the summer programs because it doesn’t feel like I am in school at all.  I get to talk with my friends about books and movies, which is a fun way to learn how to write.  I also like that we get to play games.”  M.C. – 12th grade

I’m surprised I like this much because I have never really liked school, but I am getting all A’s and B’s now.  My mom has referred a few families here.”  H.S – 11th grade

‘My 5th grade teacher told me that she could really tell that I know a lot about writing and that my summer camps are paying off.”  E.P.- 6th grade

“I have been to two writing camps, and I ask my mom if I can come back each year.”  Z.F. – 7th grade     “It’s true, Zach always looks forward to the camps because he gets the attention he needs, but he has a lot of fun too!”  L.F.

“I love coming here for summer camp because the coaches are so nice and we always have fun but we learn too”.  A.W. – 3rd grade

“I recommend Learning Foundations to everyone.  I have learned so much and I always come because I get so much done, but we have fun too”.  M.C. – 10th grade

“Learning Foundations is a blast for kids.  The coaches are always laughing and playing games and making learning a lot more fun than school”.  A.I. – 10th grader





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