Best Learning Apps to Support Your Focus and Education


IXL: resources and help for all core subjects


myHomework: student planner with reminders

iStudiez Pro: sophisticated student planner

iCal: Apple’s build-in calendar tool to help organize your schedule

Complete Class Organizer: manage your classes, take notes, record lectures

Goal Setting

Goal Tracker & Habit List: set goals, track and graph them, set reminders

Nozbe: track goals, habits, and daily tasks (integrates with Evernote and Dropbox)

GoalsOnTrack: set goals in a systematical plan to achieve them (syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook)

LifeTick: define your personal values, set SMART goals, plan steps to achievement

Strides: tracks anything you want to track


Give you step-by-step instruction and can even graph the solution




Language Arts

Grammarly: like spellcheck but for grammar

Notability: take notes during lectures, add pictures, audio and PDFs, too

OneNote: add your notes, drawings, audio, etc. and share with others online audiobook store provides audiobooks free for students with IEPs

Kurzweil 3000: helps you plan and write

Dragon Naturally Speaking: voice to text program

Ginger: proofreads for spelling and grammar


Solar Walk: explore the solar system, including viewing satellite models

Kid Weather: learn about weather, temperature, seasons, symbols, etc.

Alchemy Genetics: intro to genetics, genes, and inherited traits

Coaster Physics: learn about force, speed, kinetic energy by building a coaster

My Incredible Body: explore body systems

The Elements: A Visual Exploration: learn about the elements and their chemistry

Foreign Language

Duolingo: short, daily lessons to learn a new language

Quizzes and Flashcards

Kahoot: take a quiz or create your own

Flashcard Machine: create flashcards with pictures and words, then quiz yourself and play games


Expensify: learn about finances, create a budget, track your money

Evernote: helps you remember everything

Nudge-Reminders: reminds you to focus

Finish: keeps you focused on completing your tasks

TimeTimer: helps with time management for tasks

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