About Us

Learning and education are a primary focus
We are a dynamic, local company run with high standards and a focus on families. We are more than tutors because we offer comprehensive educational support tailored to each student’s needs.

Our goal is to teach and coach students on how they learn best so they can gain autonomy and confidence through their own strengths.

We believe that every child is UNIQUE; therefore, every student needs a customized plan for choosing and achieving goals that are personalized to them.  We facilitate teamwork between the home team and the education team.

Our Tutoring Is Comprehensive

We begin by creating a snapshot of your student’s academic life: highlighting their strengths and documenting their challenges.

Then, we “get into the trenches” with them and see from their eyes what they are seeing, feeling, and needing. As educators, we teach the skills they are missing and we use games and puzzles to keep learning fun and fresh.  As coaches, we tap into their motivation and monitor their progress.

We support all aspects of students because our ultimate goal is to foster independence, while lighting a fire for a love of learning!

Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of the fire. – – William Butler Yates

Let us do the work with you

It is common for parents to struggle with the conflicting roles of parent and “home-work” supervisor. Let’s face it – it can be a challenge to motivate and to understand all of the evolving needs of students. It’s common for parents to feel frustration trying to increase their student’s performance, which only adds more stress to the family dynamic. Let us step in and show your student how to take control of their homework to ease the conflict over homework and school.