MASTERMINDS program will help you ace the SAT or ACT test(s). This program unlocks the secrets of both tests and uses pictures, flashcards, patterns and tricks in each subject to ensure success.   Practice, practice, practice puts test-anxiety to rest. Students take several subjects tests to practice and sharpen their skills to be fully prepared for testing day.  Proctored exams are provided as an option so students can experience the full test.  This data also provides baseline scores and valuable feedback on each student’s performance level.

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  • Learn powerful study-skill strategies.
  • Move at your own pace – as fast or as slow as you need to.
  • Learn how to handle anxiety and pressure.
  • Sharpen your math, English, and writing skills with a variety of games.
  • Acquire skills that apply to all academic tests.
  • Identify patterns and tricky words.
  • Deepen your comprehension with Latin roots.
  • Learn how to create a HOT! Thesis and a POWERFUL essay.
  • Practice tests weekly – practice, practice, practice leads to progress.


“For those of you who have juniors or seniors this year, I want to recommend an ACT prep company called Learning Foundations. We used them for both my kids, one last year and one this year. In both cases, my kids’ ACT scores improved dramatically over their previous scores.

Taking these courses are not inexpensive, but in my son’s case, his higher score put him in a second tier scholarship range at his private college, saving us thousands of dollars in tuition costs (well over what we paid to take this prep class). Prior to taking the class, he would not have qualified for scholarship at all. My daughter’s results have also put her in a scholarship range.

Learning Foundations offers individual tutoring as well as group classes. They also teach SAT prep.”

– Diane Vartuli