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 Our fun summer studies mix learning and excitement!

These programs include:  *Math Mania, *Food Critic, *Study-Skills & *ACT/SAT college prep programs
  • Our fun summer studies programs are designed to inspire a love of learning in your student(s), while keeping skills sharp over the summer and providing a safe, comfortable environment to advance and deepen academic learning.  If your student needs a boost in confidence or a comprehensive review, we have lots of options to choose from!
  • You can register for one to one coaching and get ready for college test prep, build Latin roots, review math concepts, or complete required summer reading/annotating.  Or you can register for a small group and play games to sharpen your math, writing, organization, or social skills.
  • We promise parents to we keep our expectations high and we promise students to keep it fun, engaging, and full of humor.  You’re whole family will find these courses worth every second of your summer.
  • Our Math Mania course is designed to develop math facts for 4th – 6th graders, while our Math Mania Unknowns course supports abstract math concepts found in pre-algebra.
  • Our MasterMinds college test prep course is a 25-hour program for ACT/SAT tests that shows students how to use smart strategies to boost their performance, while ensuring that they complete 3 entire practice tests.
    Need a personalized plan?  We have that too.  Call us for details:  (720) 583-0073.  Every student matters, every time.


  • Food Critic Writing Camp

      “Food Critic Writing Camp is so much fun that I forgot all about TV for the whole week.  It’s a great way to spend part of your summer – be a Food Critic and learn how to make delicious snacks …

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  • 6 Powerful Study Skills for Middle & High School Success

    Study confidently with 6 powerful study skills! Boost student performance by learning 6 easy & powerful study skills to keep you organized and prepared this school year. These 6 powerful study skills are a must for any middle or high school …

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  • Math Mania: Dealing With Unknowns

    Frustrated when numbers are represented by letters?  You’re not alone. KNOCK OUT YOUR UNKNOWNS in through games and challenges. Sometimes it helps to see how numbers and letters play in a card game or through a math challenge.  Yes, you can laugh and do this at …

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  • Math Mania Games: Multiplication and Division

    Ready to master your multiplication facts once and for all? You CAN do it! ACE your math facts through fun games, memory tricks, and exciting challenges! You will be amazed at how much easier it is to master math when your laughing and having a BLAST …

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  • MasterMinds ACT/SAT College Test Prep

    Learn test-taking strategies that will last a lifetime. ACE the ACT and SAT test(s) with smart strategies! Our MasterMinds ACT/SAT college test program unlocks the secrets in college prep tests.  We teach students how to improve in every subject area with key strategies that are proven …

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