One-to-One Tutoring

One-to-one coaching is an incredible asset for every student’s confidence and success.  These sessions are structured around identifying your student’s learning style and setting goals for each student. Students learn how to use their visual, kinesthetic, and auditory strengths to stay organized, prepare for tests, plan for essays and big projects, and study for tests.

Individual performance happens everywhere, from classroom participation, to self-advocating, to homework, and especially in test-taking.  Our focus is to plan, prioritize, and complete homework, as well as, teach a study skill or memory techniques that contributes to their school success so students can immediately see the results of their efforts. Consistency and convenience are important keystones to student success so we meet students at our center, a school, or a local library at the same time each week.

Our Specialties

We Coach to Student’s IEP and 504 Needs

Our coaches are equipped to give students the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) assistance that they need at home. We partner with schools to ensure that your student’s needs are met in class. We help families navigate the IEP/504 process, while we teach students how to advocate for their needs.