Every student matters, every time.

Do you learn with your eyes, ears, hands, or your heart? Did you know that it matters?

Your Learning Style is how you perceive and process information. Research shows that teaching to a student’s learning style increases motivation and deepens comprehension.

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Every student deserves to love learning and be successful in the classroom.

ACADEMIC COACHING is much more than just being a tutor. We teach study-skills and test-taking strategies, while we we coach students how to advocate, organize, plan, and track homework.

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We teach students how to optimize their learning experience so they can be accountable in the classroom and successful in learning.

Rated Highest in Ethics and Quality of Services. Rated A++ by the Denver BBB for 5 years in a row.

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We teach students how to master learning, while we COACH them for confidence!


Welcome to the Learning Foundations website! We are excited to share our passion for learning with you. Let us teach you a little bit about your learning style because the effects are amazing. Using your learning style personalizes and deepens the learning experience, which makes studying easier. You will soar with success when you learn with all of your senses – come take a look!

How Do You Learn?

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What makes us unique

  • We are masterlevel or highly educated professionals or certified teachers.
  • We are dedicated to teaching to your student’s unique style.
  • We specialize in a variety of learning challenges: ADD/ADHD, CAPD, EFD, and dyslexia.
  • We work with Gifted and Talented, high-achievers and home school students.
  • We set measureable goals for students.
  • We teach students about their learning style preferences.
  • We provide monthly progress notes to parents.

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Our programs

Our programs are tailored to meet your needs.

  • For students who struggle with reading and spelling, we offer a multi-sensory version of the F.A.S.T program.
  • Students who are aiming at boarding school or college, we offer our interactive MASTERMINDS test prep course.
  • For students who are struggling with daily assignments, we provide One-to-One educational coaching.
  • Students who struggle with focus, concentration, and organization may be interested in the Interactive Metronome.
  • For students who want to advance over the summer, we offer our game-based Summer Courses.
  • For Parents, Teachers or Home-Schooling Professionals, we offer trainings in multi-sensory teaching techniques, study-skill enhancement, reading enhancement, and more!

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Some students need a tutor, others need a coach

— We provide both!

Learning and education are a primary focus
Our academic team members are remarkable educators who are selected with the highest standards. Each coach is required to pass an extensive background check that includes verification of their professional certifications and educational degrees. Your student will be matched to a coach by need and personality.

Each coach is trained to handle the comprehensive needs of students who are gifted and talented, ADHD, dyslexic, and who have weak executive skills like organization and time management.  Each family receives a personal profile of your tutor that summarizes their experience and qualifications. These profiles are written in a family-friendly way to introduce your student to their coach before they meet.

Each family receives personal progress notes that track and monitor each session. These notes help parents understand what happens during each session and they also communicate challenges, successes, performance tricks, and study skills.

Every success, no matter how small, is a building block that lifts you toward your potential. – Anonymous

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Learning style

We recognize how important it is for students to gain insight into their learning style. As coaches, we give each student the support and the techniques that match their own unique way of learning. Teaching students their learning style fosters confidence, success, and independence in every class. When students learn how to customize their academics to their learning style, homework and tests becomes more manageable and learning becomes “cool”.

What is your learning style?