MasterMinds ACT/SAT College Test Prep

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Level: High School

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Learn test-taking strategies that will last a lifetime.

ACE the ACT and SAT test(s) with smart strategies! Our MasterMinds ACT/SAT college test program unlocks the secrets in college prep tests.  We teach students how to improve in every subject area with key strategies that are proven to be successful.  We also use games and lots of practice to train students how to handle pressure and test anxiety.

Students learn through pictures, flashcards, patterns and tricks in each subject to ensure success.   Practice, practice, practice puts test-anxiety to rest.  Every student will take 2-3 practice tests in each subject to sharpen their skills for testing day. Proctored exams are provided, as an option, so students can experience the full endurance required for each test.  Baseline data provides valuable feedback on both challenging areas and overall student performance.

The summertime is a great time to prep because students are sharp, rested and can focus on developing new skills with lots of practice. Taking the test in the fall has its advantages too; get it out of the way so you can focus on a rigorous academic year.


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             8-9 weeks: two sessions/week, 1.5 hours each session.

*We can proctor a full practice test for each student to provide baseline data and to identify strengths and challenging areas for an additional charge ($205.00).

PRACTICE TEST DATE:  Saturday, June 4th 10am-2:30pm