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Empowering kids and families to thrive

Our holistic approach to academic coaching unlocks your child’s passions and fosters healthy family connections.

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We offer comprehensive academic coaching services to address a wide range of learning differences. Our team will develop a plan to provide your child with the support necessary to succeed in school and beyond.

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Free Game to Calm Stress

Download this free game to support your kids with creative ways to calm stress in the classroom and at home!

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Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services for Children of All Ages

Creating Meaningful Connections to Foster Deeper Learning

Learning differences can create academic challenges for children, but all kids have the innate talent and ability to succeed when they’re given the proper support. At Learning Foundations, we specialize in providing a wide range of academic coaching services to help children and families thrive.

Lighting a Fire for the Love of Learning!

Learning Foundations has been serving families in the Denver area since 2008. We provide in-person and virtual tutoring services for students with learning differences. Our holistic approach goes well beyond traditional academic coaching. Our team cultivates deep, meaningful connections that will help your children identify their strengths and passions, and we’ll help your children harness these strengths to overcome obstacles that have stood in the way of academic success.

Comprehensive Academic Coaching Services

Our academic coaches specialize in supporting children with learning differences such as:

We offer one-to-one coaching sessions structured around your child’s unique needs. Students are strategically matched with coaches who have the proper background and training to address your child’s specific learning difference. In addition, we consider the subject matter expertise and personality of each coach to ensure they are a proper fit for your child.

Our coaches will help your child improve personal awareness, executive skills and academic performance. In addition, we’ll review any applicable 504, IEP or other support plan with your child and provide tips to help your student advocate for the approved classroom accommodations.

College Test Prep Courses

Exams such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT play an important role in the college admissions process. Strong scores on these exams help your child stand out from their peers and open up a variety of scholarship opportunities. With the right preparation, your child can significantly improve standardized test scores and expand possibilities for life after high school. And that preparation doesn’t need to be stressful!

Learning Foundations offers a variety of non-stressful, customizable college test prep packages to set your child up for success on these important exams. In addition to providing coaching, we’ll work with your child to determine which standardized test is right for them.


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Learning Style and Accommodations

Download this free chart to understand how your kids learn best and the accommodations they can use to perform better in the classroom and beyond!

Understanding Learning Style

Our Approach to Academic Coaching

Our exclusive Critical Connections Methodology™ (CCM) was designed to help children thrive in every aspect of life. This unique approach to academic coaching facilitates deeper learning by:

  • Supporting your child discover their passions and strengths
  • Helping your child apply their learning style in all academic areas
  • Showing your child how their brain is naturally wired for learning
  • Providing a multisensory process that makes learning easier
  • Demonstrating how to identify patterns
  • Simplifying structures to make them easier to understand
  • Teaching your child in ways that are natural and enjoyable

Our academic coaches foster a positive and creative mindset that makes it easier to overcome academic challenges. Our team will also empower your child to self-advocate, ensuring that important accommodations are provided as part of the 504/IEP.

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Progress Notes

Our academic coaches will provide you with progress notes to track and monitor each session and communicate what skills are being taught. These notes can be very useful at 504/IEP meetings because they help parents understand which skills are most relevant to their child. In addition, these progress notes track the following information:

By reviewing these notes, parents can easily stay updated on their child’s goals, progress and successes from week to week. In addition, progress notes are helpful for 504/IEP meetings because they display a clear record of how well your child is making progress on relevant skills necessary to tackle the challenges associated with ADHD.

I almost cannot express the depth of gratitude I feel to the Learning Foundations team for the work they are doing with my college, freshman. It has been nothing short of transformational!! Thank you, Thank you! I am so enthusiastic about LF that I recommended these services to my sister and my best friend, and one of my colleagues. I am thrilled to be able to see my son's progress in the Progress Notes that the coach shares with me. In the past 6 years, Ryan has not felt any academic success, learning lost it's appeal, and school became too stressful and a wholly negative experience. To see this turning around in the first semester of his college freshmen year is fantastic. To think that Ryan, who previously could not get himself out of bed for class, has NOT missed a single class yet and is getting all A's in his classes, well, this is miraculous! Thank you!! - Laura

Our deepest gratitude to Learning Foundations, Academic Coaching!

Our nine year old has an awesome connection with her Academic Coach who not only teaches her the skills she needs, but also makes her feel more confident and capable. We have seen big changes in her academically and beyond!

Scott I.

Both my children agree that their coach is not only capable, but also highly skilled and very easy to be around. She has a strong mastery of ACT / SAT test preparation techniques, and my kids enjoy going to Learning Foundations each week!

Katherine H.

My daughter has dyslexia. We found Learning Foundations early on, and our daughter began academic coaching twice a week. This is our third year with Learning Foundations, and she is now a straight A student and has been one for awhile now. She has developed routine skills, not only in reading and writing but also in mathematics, by learning new study habits. These are abilities that Learning Foundations has taught her that she will be able to carry with her for the rest of her life.

Troy W.

Learning Foundations has tremendously impacted our lives. All of Learning Foundations’ love and kindness has really changed our lives and our family unit. Thank you Learning Foundations for all that you do.

Suzzette M

The Motivational Notebook (MoteNote™)

We’ve developed a motivational notebook and student planner we call the MoteNote™. This book is filled with practical and meaningful exercises to help tweens and teens develop their gifts, talents and purpose.

The MoteNote™ is packed with executive functioning skills, study skills and emotional intelligence exercises that will help your child unlock the best version of themselves. This book will help your child connect both the logical and creative sides of their brain to expand their capacity to learn and be emotionally healthy through the ups and downs of life.


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