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Kyle McAlister

Academic Coach

Learning Foundations Academic Coach Profile

Kyle McAlister
Academic Coach

Learning Foundations coaches are highly trained educators who specialize in ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Function, Auditory Processing, reading comprehension, math and writing abilities. In addition, our coaches apply multi-sensory teaching techniques for every academic subject incorporating skills for organization, time management and test taking strategies. 

Education and Experience:

Professional Development:

Coaching Philosophy:

More than just a “tutor”, Kyle is eager to bring excitement, energy, and empathy to all learning environments.  Easy-going, friendly, and passionate, Kyle knows the importance of being a relatable teacher, guide, and mentor.  Always encouraging students to recognize and maximize their strengths, Kyle is passionate about helping kids develop confidence and self-advocacy skills. He strongly believes that every learner is unique; therefore, education must not be uniform but should meet the comprehensive needs of each learner. As a former high school student who had to learn HOW to advocate for himself, Kyle understands the importance of helping students find their voice and confidence to develop personal self-efficacy. As a musician and storyteller, Kyle brings lots of enthusiasm and expertise to his students, so they are inspired to absorb vital life skills that will help them create a happy and successful adulthood.  Kyle is ready to make a difference in every student’s life!

Fun and Family:

Kyle loves skateboarding, playing music, camping, and cooking. During the weekends, you can guarantee that Kyle and his partner, Hawley, are out hiking in the mountains with their two playful pups, Dewey and Denali. An avid music lover, Kyle is a collector of old vinyl records and cassette tapes — he even plays guitar in a rock band that has toured across the country! Kyle is a deep listener, creative thinker, and an engaging Academic Coach.