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Pamela Iken

Academic Coach

Learning Foundations Academic Coach Profile

Pamela Iken
Director of Educational Training
Lead Academic Coach and Mentor

Learning Foundations coaches are highly trained educators who specialize in ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Function, Auditory Processing, reading comprehension, math and writing abilities. In addition, our coaches apply multi-sensory teaching techniques for every academic subject incorporating skills for organization, time management and test taking strategies. 

Education and Experience:

Professional Development:

Coaching Philosophy:

Pam believes that all children are packed with gifts and talents, and that a teacher’s role is to help the student pinpoint those talents, strengthen them, and use them to the best of their ability. Therefore, she evaluates the student in order to plan for teaching that meets the student’s individual needs and learning style while building off his/her strengths. Pam is creative in her teaching style, often using games and songs to teach new skills and encourage better memory. Pam believes that the parent is the first teacher of a child; therefore, she enjoys teaming with parents to support the child. Last and most importantly, Pam believes learning is FUN and, while it takes hard work, should also be ENJOYABLE! 

Fun and Family:

Pam is a devoted wife to a man who is a great musician and speaker (and is hilarious and very active!). She is a mother of 4 children, ranging from 9 to 18-years-old, who keep her young! Pam and her family love their church! As a family, they enjoy baseball (Go Rockies!) and basketball (Go Nuggets!) games as well as family tennis and board games. Pam can often be found hiking, enjoying a great rock concert, eating tasty Mexican food, reading, and taking night walks.