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Academic Coaching

Educational Coaching

Empowering Students to Thrive

Learning Foundations takes a whole-brain approach that goes well beyond just “tutoring”. Our team develops a personalized plan for your child to navigate the school year with a set of study skills for learning and a set of self-advocacy skills for communicating. Our coaches empower your child to reach their potential by teaching how to apply their learning style to maximize memory and deepen comprehension.

We are a Personal Advancement Center that utilizes a Critical Connections Methodology™ (CCM) to empower students to thrive in school and home. This methodology involves:


  • Discovering your child’s passions
  • Identifying your child’s strengths
  • Teaching your child how their brain is naturally and beautifully wired to learn
  • Making learning easier and more engaging
  • Showing your child academic patterns
  • Empowering your child to overcome academic and personal challenges
  • Fostering a positive, creative mindset

Our academic coaches see first-hand how valuable these skills are in changing the lives of students. We’ve seen this process improve individual performance in many areas including classroom participation, homework, self-advocacy and test-taking.

The skills your child cultivates during these academic coaching sessions will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We provide in-person academic coaching services for children throughout the Denver metro area and online across the nation.

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Academic Coaching

At Learning Foundations, Academic Coaching is much more than just tutoring. It involves teaching to the executive function and emotional needs of students in all grades. It’s tutoring with a twist!

At Learning Foundations, we believe that every child is unique and needs to understand what their comprehensive needs are. Too often, students feel stressed about how to do an assignment or how to study for a test. A student’s stress soon becomes the family’s stress, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Critical Connections Methodology™ (CCM) is a whole-brain approach to learning. Through this multi-sensory method, we teach your child how their brain is naturally and beautifully wired to learn because kids process information with their eyes, their hands, their ears, and their heart. Our method centers on humanizing the learning experience by using both our left brain to make sense of something and our right brain to assess it on a deeper level.

Children have different strengths and challenges in school. Some innately thrive in an academic environment, while others shine brightly in other areas of life. When academics become a struggle, our coaches are ready to show your child how to persevere in the classroom and at home.

Have you ever noticed how emotions affect your performance? Understanding the connection between our emotions and our ability to perform is critical. Our MoteNote helps your student channel their emotions to achieve optimal performance levels in academics and life.

Student-Centered, Multi-Sensory Learning from Educational Specialists

Our team of educational specialists cares about every student’s unique needs, so we use a student-centered, multi-sensory learning approach to teach individualized goals and powerful study skills. Students of all ages, from kindergarten to college, learn how to lock in new information and connect it to prior knowledge. This is a critical component to building confident, capable and compassionate students.

Equipped with dozens of powerful executive functioning study skills and emotional coping skills, our coaches teach students how to study, how to organize, and how to make critical connections that will optimize their learning experience.


Learning Foundations fills in the G.A.P with comprehensive tutoring to help every student Grow, Achieve and Prevail. Our one-to-one services are helpful no matter where you live or go to school because we meet in person or online. Whether your child is in school, home-schooled or in a remote learning environment, our coaches provide the tools to fill in the gap.

Our approach is individualized to your student’s needs, and our team specializes in supporting children of all academic abilities. Learning Foundations coaches have extensive training and experience supporting kids of all ages with:

One-to-one coaching is an invaluable tool to build your child’s confidence and success. Learning Foundations academic coaching sessions are structured to identify your child’s strengths, help your student organize, and understand how to use their learning style to engage in multi-sensory, whole-brain learning. Experiential learning is a powerful way for your child to learn how to use their visual, kinesthetic and auditory abilities to:

  • Make meaningful connections
  • Stay organized
  • Prepare for tests
  • Plan for essays and big projects
  • And much more!

Our team helps your child set personalized, achievable goals to keep them accountable to their own learning experience. During the academic coaching sessions, we consistently build a foundation that empowers your child to reach these goals and unlock their potential.

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We’re Here to Help

We’re always here to answer any questions you may have or provide additional information about how our academic coaching services can benefit your child.

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Teaching Students How to Learn

Schools design a curriculum that provides students with the important subject matter to master. In other words, they teach students what to learn. However, this is only part of the learning equation. In order to master this knowledge, it’s also important for students to understand how to learn. This is where the academic coaches at Learning Foundations step in.

There are over 45 important study skills that can significantly raise your child’s academic performance. By teaching these invaluable strategies, our coaches will help your child:

With consistent practice, these skills help your child grow more confident and competent in the learning process.

Our academic coaching provides a variety of important benefits, including:

Most importantly, we play interactive games and have fun with our students while we prepare them for success!

Progress Notes

Our academic coaches will provide you with progress notes to track and monitor each session and communicate what skills are being taught. These notes can be very useful at 504/IEP meetings because they help parents understand which skills are most relevant to their child. In addition, these progress notes track the following information:

By reviewing these notes, parents can easily stay updated on their child’s goals, progress and successes from week to week. In addition, progress notes are helpful for 504/IEP meetings because they display a clear record of how well your child is making progress on relevant skills necessary to tackle the challenges associated with ADHD.

Investing in Your Child’s Future

At Learning Foundations, our coaches create a customized learning environment that teaches your student life-long skills. Our Critical Connections Methodology™ (CCM) is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your child’s future. It builds confidence and competence at school, at home and beyond.

Study skills are critical to academic success. Students with well-developed study skills:

Our study skills become life-long skills:

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