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Changing the World Starts Today: Introducing My MoteNote!

Posted on: October 3rd, 2020 by

Especially made for tweens and teens, My MoteNote: A Motivational Notebook & Student Planner is filled with practical and meaningful executive function and emotional wellness exercises to help students learn how to navigate and change the world for good!

In such a highly connected world, we all know what it feels like to feel disconnected and alone. Tied to our cell phones, laptops, and social media accounts, the human brain thrives for connection, attention, and affirmation. But, it may be more important than ever, to be vigilant and cautious to which data stream you choose to connect to.

Social media, news, and smart phone data streams surround us all the time. They trap us into listening, believing, and questioning everything and everyone around us. Even worse than that, these data streams distract us from being present and, intentionally, keep our attention redirected to the outside noises that cause stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Do you notice it?

Think about it. Where does your noise mostly come from? Is it benefitting you or causing you grief? How you stay connected is DIRECTLY related to how you nourish your heart, your mind, your body and your soul? Take a minute to see if you are too distracted to take notice?

We all know what it’s like and it’s not about judgement. As humans, we all face the challenges of choosing which data stream to connect to. As consumers, we are constantly bombarded to purchase, consume, and buy. Regardless of age, we are all equally capable of being distracted and vulnerable to messages that captivate us. The challenge is actually to be present, which requires we turn down the noise that surrounds us – whatever it may be.

Get quiet. Get connected to mother nature. Get connected to your senses.

In fact, all the magic lies in being present because it’s quiet enough to listen for deeper meaning. And, it feels right. Being present is truly the first step toward happiness because we connect to something greater than ourselves. Once we turn down all the other noise and listen within, there is absolutely a call for a greater purpose.

It’s actually really amazing what you will find when you center your mind and connect to the calm within. You will find that you are a work of art in the making. A diamond in the rough with extraordinary purpose. You will find that your motivation, your greatness, your purpose, and your happiness are all there to guide you.

But. You do have to silence all the extraneous, unnecessary noises that surround you in order to connect to purpose.

Especially made for tweens and teens, My MoteNote: A Motivational Notebook & Student Planner is filled with practical and meaningful exercises to help you develop your gifts, your talents, and your purpose.


Packed with executive functioning skills, study skills, and emotional intelligence exercises, My MoteNote is truly a compass to the best version of yourself.

Learn how cool your brain is and learn how to focus on your purpose. Connect to both your logical and creative brain to unlock your whole brain/wise mind.

You are full of greatness, so silence the noise around you and be present. Connect, listen, and create. You’ve got this!

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