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Your life is dynamic and full of change. As your body, heart and brain grow exponentially, so do your ideas, feelings and worries. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that helps you navigate all of this change going on around you? At Learning Foundations, we’ve created the Motivational Notebook (MoteNote™) precisely for this purpose.

A Motivational Notebook and Student Planner Just for Your Child

MoteNote™ is short for Motivational Notebook, a book designed to be a compass to your child’s best self as it inspires, motivates, and teaches meaningful ways to focus, plan and create at school and at home. Buy your child a MoteNote™ today to begin a new journey!

Your child’s MoteNote™ is filled with practical and meaningful executive function and emotional wellness exercises that will help your child in every aspect of life. Take your child’s MoteNote™ everywhere to get the most out of these exercises on a daily basis!


Your child’s MoteNote™ includes:

  • Organization and time management tools
  • Emotional coping strategies
  • Words of wisdom and inspiration
  • Fun and creativity
  • Academic study skills
  • Handy math resources

We encourage your child to personalize the MoteNote™ and truly make it their own. Add colors, designs and unique style.

Your child’s MoteNote™ is a powerful tool just as it is. However, with academic coaching from Learning Foundations to guide your child through each page, it will become even more impactful. Designed to fill in the GAP, the MoteNote™ will help your child grow, achieve and prevail.

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