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Natural Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Posted on: January 10th, 2018 by

Natural Help for ADHD?

I have often wanted science to prove the efficacy of homeopathic alternatives for treating ADHD. Finally, a growing body of evidence has emerged that illuminates the potential effectiveness of natural remedies to treat ailments like pain, focus, mood, anxiety, and depression.

As you know, healthy remedies contain natural resources. In correct quantities they are organic to our body chemistry. But their effectiveness is often subtle and evasive, so we doubt if they work.

Herbs have been around for thousands of years, but we often choose prescribed drugs because science proves their efficacy. When it comes to Eastern remedies, their effectiveness often comes to us through personal accounts, stories, and hearsay.

Does science confirm that essential elements actually help?

As a science geek, an educator, and a mother, I stay curious to see how Mother Nature’s essential oils fare compared to man-made medicine for ADHD. After all, the more you treat with nature, the healthier you’ll live.

Currently, Western medicine outweighs the value of homeopathic options. At the same time, research reveals a considerable list of side effects and dangers that chemicals and synthetic medications have on growing youth.

When taking stimulant medicine for focus, kids report they don’t feel like themselves and have little to no appetite. They experience elevated levels of aggressiveness. All too often, kids have to experiment with multiple brands to find the right chemical fit.

First let me say, there’s a place for stimulant medications for kids who have significant interruptions across environments. Medicine reduces anxiety and increases focus, which allows for learning and skill building. Medicine can provide great results.

Like most parents, I was hesitant to believe that the side effects of stimulant medications, like Adderall and Vyvanse, were worth it. However, a growing body of longitudinal data proves that these medications are extremely beneficial in lowering the rate of car accidents, teen pregnancy, and dependence on alcohol and drugs.

So, with the correct match, stimulant medications serve a powerful purpose in ADHD performance.

But, recent studies are also recognizing the measurable positive effects of essential oils because they prove to be safer (when used properly). They do not produce negative side effects, the body absorbs them easily, and they provide natural supplements for our bodies and brains to function better.

While there is ample data stating the effectiveness of stimulant narcotics, the emerging question is: Do essential oils have a purpose in Western medicine?

Luckily, thanks to some recent studies, we can share real, scientific evidence for natural alternatives, like essential oils, to back-up personal claims and provide more validity of their effectiveness.

I promise I am not here to sell oils.

My intention is only to share up-to-date research with parents and teachers. We should be informed on the measured efficacy of concentrated plant derivatives because they are proving to significantly help with focus, anxiety, depression, and emotional stability.

Much more research needs to be completed, but, in the meantime, read about a few scientific revelations on natural alternatives below. We are learning some pretty cool info about natural remedies.

If you want to try some of these natural remedies, be sure you use natural products that follow rigorous testing standards to ensure purity and quality.

For Help with Sleeping / Resting


Civilizations as ancient as the Egyptians and Romans have used lavender for bathing and relaxing. Many people consider lavender to be calming — think of all the lavender scented candles, lotions, and soaps you see for sale.

But have you considered it medicinally calming?

Science now shows that lavender essential oil interacts with the T-type calcium channels in our brains. The T-type calcium channels influence our “neuronal excitability, neuroprotection, sensory processes and sleep.”

In simpler terms, lavender is ideal for prompting peaceful sleep and for reducing tension.

For a list of natural alternatives to anxiety and depression read more here.

Scientific Research:

Modulation of T-type Ca2+ channels by Lavender and Rosemary extracts.

“Our findings reveal that TTCCs (T-type calcium channels) are a molecular target of the Lavender and Rosemary compounds, suggesting that inhibition of TTCCs could contribute to the anxiolytic and the neuroprotective effects of these plants.”

For Naturally Combating Illness



Frankincense does pretty much everything — including boosting overall cellular health. And cells are the start of everything that happens in our bodies. By supporting our cells, frankincense promotes healthy immune, nervous, and digestive systems.

The research behind Frankincense is powerful, but it doesn’t just keep you healthy… it also helps you heal.

A couple of recent studies show that it’s effective against cancer — one of the hardest illnesses to heal.

Scientific Research:

Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity.

“Frankincense oil might represent an alternative intravesical agent for bladder cancer treatment.”

Boswellia sacra essential oil induces tumor cell-specific apoptosis and suppresses tumor aggressiveness in cultured human breast cancer cells.

“Suppression of cellular network formation and disruption of spheroid development of breast cancer cells by Boswellia sacra essential oil suggest that the essential oil may be effective for advanced breast cancer.”

For Natural Alternatives to Narcotic Stimulants

Amino acids and proteins nurture our brains and help us direct our focus.  Research is currently looking at these and other alternatives because they’re good for our brains and have no negative side effects.

For Help with Anxiety / Stress



Vetiver (a member of the grass family) calms and grounds your emotions. Try it before bedtime to support a restful night’s sleep. It encourages relaxation.

Of course, this is all hard to quantify. But a study did quantify it by monitoring the mental state of lab rats who breathed vetiver. Vetiver oil reduced anxiety. In fact, it was as effective as Diazepam, a medication that treats anxiety, muscle spasms, seizures, and more.

Another study led by Dr. Terry Friedman (2000) revealed that this oil “improved brain activity and increased performance in 100% of ADHD test subjects, while Adderall only increased performance in 70% of the subjects.”

While more research is needed to confirm the validity of Vetiver, these preliminary results are impressive! Personally, I have seen students become calm and focused with Vetiver, but that’s just “another story.”

Science has already revealed several promising benefits of Vetiver: It alleviates the effects of chemotherapy because of its efficacy with toxins and metals. It prevents plant erosion, serves as an powerful antioxidant, and is known to kill infections, like staphylococcus, during surgical procedures (see the research here). Vetiver even treats Cholera. (Phytotechnologies: Remediation of Environmental Contaminants, 2012).

Scientific Research:

Anxiety-like behaviour and c-fos expression in rats that inhaled vetiver essential oil.

“The anxiolytic properties of vetiver essential oil might be associated with altering neuronal activation in the central amygdaloid nucleus.”

Rescue Remedy

These all-natural tablets are a combination of plant derivatives used in Europe. They help take the edge off when you’re feeling anxious or nervous.  They are so safe that cats and dogs can also take this remedy to stay calm.

Order here.

doTerra essential oils adheres to rigorous testing standards to ensure purity and quality. I appreciate the value of their standards.

If you are interested in purchasing essential oils, Tiffany Patel, a doTerra representative, knows the value of these oils first-hand, and she is a “no pressure” salesperson. Tiffany can be reached at: 303-638-2973 or

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