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Smart Ways to Optimize Online Learning at Home

Posted on: April 3rd, 2020 by

A 5-Week Webinar-Series for Parents & Students

Feeling disconnected with the school’s new online learning plan? Wondering if your student will learn anything in the next 8 weeks?

Don’t worry, online learning proves to be effective for learning, but to optimize the online learning process you need new tools, a new plan, and new expectations.

We get it! Even as educators, it’s not easy to balance the demands of online-learning at home. Home-school classroom management just became another responsibility to add to the daily routine of keeping up with meals, cleaning up after everyone, working remotely, and trying to remain as calm as possible. We totally get it!

That’s exactly why we created a 5-part webinar-series to help parents and students optimize the online learning experience from home.

Structured to support the whole family, this webinar-series starts with a one-hour webinar for parents, followed by 4 one-hour webinars for students.

For parents, the first session is a virtual tour of how to navigate online resources, check grades, and shape proper expectations for classroom management from home. In one-hour, you will have deeper insight into what you should expect from your student’s online learning experience and how to keep your student accountable and motivated to online learning.

For students, there are 4 one-hour, small-group sessions where kids can connect with friends, share their experiences, and learn powerful study skills for online learning. Students will learn the importance of keeping a routine, creating a personal game plan, accessing smart online resources, and learning clever ways to stay emotionally happy, healthy, and motivated to optimize the online learning experience from home.

This webinar-series equips parents and students with powerful skills, tools, and resources to optimize online learning from home.

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