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Warning: “Unsubscribe” can make spam worse

Posted on: April 13th, 2016 by

Be a Tech Savvy Mom – Don’t Hit Unsubscribe

Has your inbox suddenly been taken over by spam or emails talking about Russian Brides or other X-rated topics? It might be due to hitting that Unsubscribe button! “What?!, but I’m just being logical and following the suggested instructions!”

Yes, but those tricky spammers have pulled you right into their trap. When you hit that Unsubscribe button, it can end up sending your information to other spammers and the problem perpetuates. A better action to take is to just delete and block those emails or report them as spam if you use Gmail (they will work behind the scenes to address the problem). Unsubscribe buttons only truly work if they come from reputable companies.

One of the ways to get rid of this problem is to switch your email account. Gmail is known for having good spam protection filters and they offer free email service that categorizes emails for you and helps keep the inbox manageable. There is a social media folder, a promotions folder, and a general folder. You can designate what goes where if you want, but it pretty much does it for you and you can easily report spam.

However, if you do not want to switch email accounts (it can be a hassle to let everyone know and filter again), then there are great FREE filtering services out there. Life Hacker writer Adam Dachis wrote a great article on it, which you can find here. In this article, he talks about how to put filters on your mailbox if you have Hotmail, Gmail, Apple mail and Yahoo. It’s very informative and takes just an hour or so to set-up some things to make your email box useful and manageable.

Just be sure that you Okay us here at Learning Foundations and don’t unsubscribe! Otherwise, you might miss out on informative articles like this one! 😉

By: Tori O’Brien

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